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Vega Testing 

Minimum age 2 years - Costs:  Adults £50  -  Children £25 (a deposit of £10 is required at the time of booking)

Vega Testing is one of the systems capable of use within the field of Bio-electronic Regulatory medicine (BER Medicine). It originated from electro-acupuncture and was pioneered by Dr Reinhad Voll, a German physician and acupuncturist. It is often simply referred to as EAV – Electro-Acupuncture Voll.

What is Vega Testing and how does it work?

It is a non-invasive energy evaluation using a galvanometer. EAV is being used as an investigative tool to determine the presence of possible sensitivities to e.g. foods without directly exposing the patient to the potential irritant.

The EAV measures the skin resistance and electrical potential on an acupuncture point on a finger or toe.  A hand electrode is held by the patient whilst a probe is applied to the acupuncture point by the therapist. Both the electrode and the probe are connected to the Vega machine making a complete circuit. The resultant resistance is measured.

Potential allergies are inserted into the honeycomb matrix and a measurement taken.  Intolerances and food sensitivities can be detected.

The test is an alternative, non-invasive procedure.  It is NOT a medical diagnosis nor does it claim to be.
By monitoring such changes in the body’s subtle energies, it is possible to scan for a wide range of diagnoses and treatments using non-invasive technology. The length of the test time varies according to which and how many substances are tested, and results are available on the same day of test.

The benefits of Vega Testing

Vega Testing has been shown by researchers to be extremely accurate in confirming results and offering extra information to patients to assist them in their choices of treatment. Testing a wide range of items in this quick and easy manner can help you make necessary corrections to your lifestyle and diet, thus reducing risk factors and strengthening body systems. Once the diagnosis has been made, we will be able to recommend a range of tailored treatments such as  acupuncture and dietary and lifestyle advice.

Who will treat you?

  • Maxine Chimes

Making a Vega Testing appointment

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Our consultation hours are Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 9:00pm.