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Facial Aesthetics

What we do

The Abington Clinic offers a range of facial aesthetics treatments which are simple, subtle, safe and non-surgical. At our specialist facial aesthetics clinic in Northampton, we have the expertise to improve, maintain and rejuvenate your facial appearance to help keep you looking younger.

At The Abington Clinic, we review and treat every patient on an individual basis in order to achieve the best results. Following your booking you will receive a pre-appointment phone consultation to briefly assess suitability. At the appointment a full assessment will take place prior to any treatment with explanations using computer aided visuals and before/after photos ensuring you are fully informed prior to the procedure.

Treatments and benefits

Line relaxing treatments (Azzulure®)

By injecting small amounts of botulinum toxin A using very fine needles under the skin a temporary muscular relaxation occurs in the areas of the face where lines appear, which in turn softens and relaxes these lines.

  • The most popular areas to treat are crow’s feet and forehead frown lines.
  • Results can often be seen within days but the full effect can take several weeks to occur.
  • Generally the effects last approx. 3-4 months

Fine line fillers (Juvederm®)

Fillers (Juvederm) are substances injected beneath lines in the skin, around the mouth, between the nose and lips or into deep vertical lower forehead lines and result in an immediate filling of the line.

  • The effects usually last 6-9 months.

Hyperhydrosis (excessive underarm sweating)

Botulinum toxin A also has effects on sweat glands and can reduce excessive sweating under the arms (Hyperhydrosis).
This can be an extremely embarrassing problem which can be effectively treated

Who will treat you?

Dr Vanessa Clewitt

Facial aesthetics prices

Line relaxing treatments (Azzulure®) from

  • 1 zone £100
  • 2 zones £185
  • 3 zones £265

Fine line fillers (Juvederm®) from

  • £150 per syringe

Hyperhydrosis treatment from

  • £295

Making a facial aesthetics appointment

To make an appointment call 01604 451200 or email
Our consultation hours are Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 9:00pm

Further information

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